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Shawls are considered as a symbol of dignity and honor in many societies and cultures of Asia and Africa. These shawls are available in many forms and shapes, sizes and colors for all genders.
They are majorly used as an essential part of one’s attire. In Asian communities it is used in winters. However in some parts it is used in summers by ladies according to their customs and traditions.
While being used as a casual wear, many seasoned designers are attempting to redefine the way these shawls are used in our daily lives.
In Pakistan shawls are made with cotton and wool for the past few centuries by using traditional craftsmanship methods. These shawls are used by local and global gentry and is highly regarded for its quality and colors.
At MJAFASHION we are bringing you the best available shawls from Charsadda and Swat, where these are produced in cottages by employing traditional methods.
Our Collection comprises of handpicked, specifically selected and high end shawls, only for you to be used in any occasion, event or ceremony